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Keep Dairy Risk Management Options Open Analysts Warn   Dairy farmers got an amazing new tool in their toolbox, which is a dairy revenue protection insurance program through the USDA,” [Rice] said. “There are no volume restrictions on it and it’s extremely flexible to match your risk.   Read the full article.

Dairy Revenue Protection: Revisiting the basics to create a strategy   We discussed the basics of the program and some initial steps and/or strategies with one of the architects of Dairy-RP, Marin Bozic, dairy economist at the University of Minnesota. He drives home the simplicity of the program, its ability to be scaled by farm size, and the flexibility dairy farmers have in leveraging it with other and/or existing …

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There certainly is a lot of natural skepticism about the program and some incorrect assumptions on how much a person can protect, how often, and on the overall flexibility they have in the program,” Yonkman said. “Once we walk them through how it really works, it becomes pretty clear that this is a venue they will want access to when it comes to managing their milk price risk.   …

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In this Cheese Market News article, Andy outlines the Dairy RP program and the waves it could make in the market.   Starting Oct. 9, dairy producers will have another tool in their risk management toolbox courtesy of Farm Bureau. The Dairy Revenue Protection Program (Dairy RP for short) is a government-subsidized crop insurance program tailored to the dairy producer. On the surface, this program has the nuts and …

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Ryan Yonkman gives DairyBusiness’s Joel Hastings an overview of the Dairy RP program and the opportunities it provides for producers. Click here to watch the interview!